“Lynyrd Skynyrd, Line 1.”

Posted on May - 20 - 2011

So, one night I got a call at 9:30pm. A voice came on the line and introduced themselves as the TOUR MANAGER FOR LYNYRD SKYNYRD. Getting over the a little shock, he said he had a small emergency. They were playing their first show of the tour in Wichita and needed some artwork for the drum riser and piano. “Oh and by the way, we need you here in the morning before the show tonight.” So i put my projects at the shop on hold for the day and reported to the Intrust Bank Arena at 9am sharp the next morning. Needless to say they were extremely happy. If you’re curious about the band and upcoming tourdates check them out!  http://www.lynyrdskynyrd.com/ 

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Jason S. Jewett
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For the second year now Redhouse has been honored with the invitation to the uber-exclusive, invite only Mother’s Polish Underground Kart Races that take place during the Louisville Street Rod Nationals. There’s nothing like performing a pit maneuver on captains of the hotrod industry and still having a career afterward. But seriously it’s always a great time with and awesome group of guys. We are truely honored to be a part of it every year.

Jason and the Mother’s Polish Underground Kart Races

Posted by Jason