2007 Road King From Boston

Posted on May - 11 - 2011

Just as wild as it’s owner, this 2007 Roadking demands to be seen. When Joe ferraro called us, it was hard to tell if he was insane or extremely passionate about his bike. (insert boston accent here X) ” I want da damn ting to look like it’s on faya, ya know? Witt skulls all front tah back…jus crazy lke dat!” So after some minor translation and joking threats to fly down here (if the paintjob wasn’t perfect),¬†we came up with this kick ass fire and skull motif. Needless to say everyone was happy.

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Jason S. Jewett
Owner/Airbrush Artist
Redhouse Custom Paint, Inc.

For the second year now Redhouse has been honored with the invitation to the uber-exclusive, invite only Mother’s Polish Underground Kart Races that take place during the Louisville Street Rod Nationals. There’s nothing like performing a pit maneuver on captains of the hotrod industry and still having a career afterward. But seriously it’s always a great time with and awesome group of guys. We are truely honored to be a part of it every year.

Jason and the Mother’s Polish Underground Kart Races

Posted by Jason