1947 Leonard Refrigerator

Posted on September - 16 - 2009

This piece is part of our favorites. It is a fully operational(and ice cold) 1947 Leonard Refrigerator (produced by the Nash-Kelvinator Corp.). it has been painstakingly restored and custom painted to be a true hotrodder’s dream. The classic was carefully dismantled, the old enamel was stripped to bare metal, then basecoated in a custom “Kookie” blue candy. The graphics speak for themselves. Other improvements include new grounded wiring, new seals and insulation, and new rubber pump mounts.


This piece is for sale: $6000.00

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Jason S. Jewett
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For the second year now Redhouse has been honored with the invitation to the uber-exclusive, invite only Mother’s Polish Underground Kart Races that take place during the Louisville Street Rod Nationals. There’s nothing like performing a pit maneuver on captains of the hotrod industry and still having a career afterward. But seriously it’s always a great time with and awesome group of guys. We are truely honored to be a part of it every year.

Jason and the Mother’s Polish Underground Kart Races

Posted by Jason