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Jason S. Jewett
Owner/Airbrush Artist
Redhouse Custom Paint, Inc.

Rocket racing wheels are blasting into the Redhouse showroom!

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New “29 Lust” Limited prints are now available!

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Art AID 16 “Heroes and Villains”

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SEMA 2009 Las Vegas, NV Nov. 3-6

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2007 Road King From Boston

Posted by Jason On May - 11 - 2011

Just as wild as it’s owner, this 2007 Roadking demands to be seen. When Joe ferraro called us, it was hard to tell if he was insane or extremely passionate about his bike. (insert boston accent here X) ” I want da damn ting to look like it’s on faya, ya know? Witt skulls all front tah back…jus crazy lke dat!” So after some minor translation and joking threats to fly down here (if the paintjob wasn’t perfect), we came up with this kick ass fire and skull motif. Needless to say everyone was happy.

Rod Heim’s Reaper Fairing

Posted by Jason On September - 17 - 2009

Funny graphics for a pilot but it sure does scream “mean”. Rod came to us with nothing but a black and white sticker about the size of a Zippo lighter and said, “What can you do with this?” So working with only the existing colors, we made the perfect blend of the grim reaper and Harley-Davidson circa 1985.



The Peterbilt Chopper from The Chop Shop, LLC.

Posted by Jason On September - 17 - 2009

Gabe Robbins from “Chop Shop Custom, LLC.” sure can build a bad-ass bike and this is one of his best yet. Gabe hand-built almost every component on this radical chopper. So when it was time to wrap it with the perfect skin, he wasted no time calling us to get on the schedule. He wanted a 70’s trucker feel and it had to be in a rootbeer and cream color scheme. Armed with those rules we came up with just the right blend of bassboat flake and classic oldschool pinstripe.



The Conroy’s Infamous Pez Bike

Posted by Jason On September - 11 - 2009

Say hello to the infamous Pez bike. Thats right. Pez as in “Pez Candy”. The Conroy’s came to us with an artistic dilema. They love their Harley, but they love Pez just about as much. So they asked us to combine Harley davidson and Pez candy without the bike looking like a raindow candy wrapper. With the scheme we came up with, the Conroys ride hill and dell looking for one more trophy to snatch at the next bike show. And as you will see below they’ve picked up more than just the attention from the judges!





Thats right! You’re lookin’ at none other than country music recording artist Toby Keith. 

August 24, 2007 — While in Sturgis, S.D., for the 67th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Toby Keith made an impromptu stop that surprised some local fans, reports.

Live Nation executive Brian O’Connell, also in town for the event and riding in a group of four with Toby, noticed a homemade banner hanging from the house that read, “Hey Toby Keith, come in here and Get Drunk And Be Somebody. You’ll Love This Bar house!” He pointed the sign out to Toby, after which the group of four riders crossed three lanes of bumper to bumper traffic and pulled up in the front yard.

Astounded, those staying at the house and sleeping in tents in the backyard celebrated Toby’s arrival. The singer stayed to sign autographs and pose for pictures, while also downing a few bottles of water he’d been offered in an effort to fend off the 100-degree heat. Toby, who’s revered in Sturgis for braving a previous performance in the face of a driving rain storm, stayed the better part of an hour.

As Toby and company prepared to leave, the home’s occupants ran out into the road blocking three lanes of traffic to allow the group to continue on to their destination.

article courtesy of  GACTV.COM


Planet Color Promo Tank

Posted by Jason On September - 11 - 2009

This was a promo tank we painted for Sherwin Williams / Planet Color’s SEMA booth last year. It features one of our many specialties…woodgrain.




Rodney Horton’s Suicide King

Posted by Jason On September - 11 - 2009

This bike came into Redhouse rough and raw sheetmetal. Mr. Horton gave us a printout of a pretty cool tattoo and left the rest up to us. What followed was a two-tone heavy fireball flake kandy red and Vivid black seperated with metallic gold pinstripe and topped off with the suicide king himself.



Brandon Harrison’s Dark Knight Sportbike

Posted by Jason On September - 1 - 2009

Brandon Harrison Came to us with a pretty cool idea for his sport bike…Bat Man. At first he was thinking oldschool “Tim Burton”, yellow bat logo, shiny bat man. The only problem was he wanted it to look mean and sinister. Shiny wasn’t gonna do it. Thats when we decided to go the “Dark Knight” route. From the dark carbon charcoal base coat, armored and riveted body plates, down-played bat logo, to the matte clear coat you could tell this crotch rocket meant business. Some times at night when you see the glow of taillights in nothing but shadow, it could just be your imagination. But it might be Brandon and his “Dark Knight”.
Here you can see the progression of the front fairing of the bike. Building layer upon layer of silver, then charcoal, then rootbeer kandy, then black, etc.


This is the finished product.






Ricky Lee’s oldschool Bigdog Chopper

Posted by Jason On September - 1 - 2009

It’s not very often that you see a guilded chopper, but with 23kt gold machine turned iron crosses, it’s hard to deny this Bigdog’s bling. Keeping with the gunmetal grey metallic base, we added huge basboat flake, Planet color Apple red candy, and trimmed it all with tons of freehand oldschool pinstripe. Though Mr. Lee loved his Bigdog, he couldn’t turn down an offer for this chopper to be in the upcomming movie “The Book of Eli” starring Denzel Washington. So the Bike is gone but he’s already got a new one just itching for a new skin.


For the second year now Redhouse has been honored with the invitation to the uber-exclusive, invite only Mother’s Polish Underground Kart Races that take place during the Louisville Street Rod Nationals. There’s nothing like performing a pit maneuver on captains of the hotrod industry and still having a career afterward. But seriously it’s always a great time with and awesome group of guys. We are truely honored to be a part of it every year.

Jason and the Mother’s Polish Underground Kart Races

Posted by Jason